Jeans are an essential of our dressings that is worn for any occasion. But, even if it remains a classic of our wardrobe, the jeans do not escape the influences of fashion trends. Right, cropped, vintage, slim, flare? Zoom on the fall winter 2017-2018 jeans to find the perfect jeans.
In the large family of women’s clothing, jeans are certainly the one we can not do without. Essential and essential.

Yes, summer and winter, jeans are a must. Great classic, it has the advantage of being worn easily. With everything, all the time. Universal pants, he is also influenced by fashion trends fall winter 2017-2018.

So what jeans for the winter? Here are all the jeans trend to adopt as soon as possible.

Vintage jeans, autumn winter trend
Fall-winter welcomes, once again, the vintage jeans. This time, he is everywhere. Maxi old fashioned wash, color gradient and cuts of the 80s, guaranteed time travel.

We find the unmissable model 501 at Levi’s, which comes this year in its skinny form (even more modern and advantageous) or the shape mom jean and the very high waist.

If you find it already in all the good addresses of thrift stores, it will be brought up to date in all major retailers.

How are we wearing it? Rather short or rolled up with a pair of trendy sneakers or rock boots.

High-waisted jeans or low-rise jeans? For once, just choose the model you want. Both are ultra trends this winter.

And yes, you read correctly, the low waist returns to the front of the stage!

Jeans trend fall winter 2017-2018: cropped jeans
If the vintage jean is THE must-have jean of the season, jeans or 7 / 8ème jean will be his counterpart. Perfect opposite, he discovers the ankle unlike the flare jean that covers it to excess.

Attention: if you want to go short, it will love these different cuts of jeans: cigarette jeans, slim jeans or skinny jeans.

Another trend of the season: the cropped jeans are fraying. The hems are dislocated and give way to dangling threads, for an even more pointed look.

Trendy flared jeans
And yes, the flared jeans and his cousin jeans flare persist and sign.

Long forgotten podiums and collections, the flared jeans find all its superb. With the return of 70s fashion, the very flared jeans are the king of the season. Result? We see it everywhere.

Flare version or bootcut version, everything depends on your audacity and your morphology. The difference between the two models? The flare jeans are very flared, bootcut jeans, it is slightly flared.

You choose !

Trendy jeans: couture jeans
This winter, the jeans show the trend details of the season.

So we find the nails (Isabel Marant Étoile and The Kooples), patchwork (in Mango and Maje), pearls (Claudie Pierlot) and embroidery (at Desigual).

Of course, it gives even more desire to wear jeans!

So, among our selection Levi’s, Ba & Sh, H & M or Zara, 30 trendy jeans will they be enough for you? To you to tell us!