Raw jeans, faded, torn, slim, black or blue: the denim is indispensable to us. The big enigma is his interview. Should we wash it regularly? In machine? Immediately after purchase? The advice of Brice Partouche, founder of April 77.
In his wardrobe, Brice Partouche owns two jeans, one blue and one black, which he wears every day in the studio of April 77, his clothing brand specialized in the rock world. Passionate about music and history of fashion, his creations exude authenticity, and denim lends itself well. His advice to maintain the best of his jeans.

Wash her raw jeans as little as possible
For Brice Partouche, jeans are almost never washed: “When you buy raw jeans, it is better to wear it for a year without washing it, it will live with us, and the traces on the canvas will appear according to our movements.” It takes time to get a faded and unique effect on a raw denim.

After one year, you can finally get your jeans washed. Cleaning will restore it to its original shape. If you wash it too much, it will shrink. Brice Partouche advises a machine wash at 30 degrees. If you absolutely want to keep the appearance and minimize the traces, it is better to wash it by hand. In any case, the passage to the dryer is prohibited, it damages the cotton and shrinks the jeans.

If you stain your raw denim, the founder of April 77 suggests, as far as possible, to leave it as it is: “This is part of its history.If you wash the traces with water or white vinegar, stained parts will clear, “he warns.

For smokers, think about airing your jeans on pain of carrying an ashtray on you.

Prefer raw jeans to faded jeans
In his shop, Brice Partouche advises his customers: “Buy a raw denim, wear it for a year and you’ll have unique traces.As a pro denim, I push the consumer to buy raw jeans rather than faded. Sure, I also create faded lines for impatient customers, “he says.

We can keep the raw look of jeans with a chemical resin treatment. He’s going to fix the indigo on the cotton. However, the jeans will have a lustrous appearance. He will skate over time. However, for Brice Partouche, “the idea of ​​jeans is to wear a maximum to remove the raw look.”

All the jeans talk the same way
Blue jeans are washed in the same way as black jeans. Gray jeans are already faded, but washing can also wait a year. The changes in appearance will come with time. They are more noticeable on blue than black. Slim jeans look the same as straight jeans.

For the designer, torn jeans do not talk specifically: “There are no instructions, it must be used until all points break.”

Put your jeans in the freezer to kill the germs?
It seems that putting his jeans in the freezer would eliminate germs. Our specialist knows no one bending over this practice, nor has anyone had skin problems because of his jeans. Common sense is enough: think to air his jeans from time to time, do not keep it in a wet area.